Your business is unique and so are my Menopause Workshops. 

I offer educational workshops designed for companies’ workforces and managers to equip them with the knowledge to confidently support staff that may be experiencing menopause symptoms.

All workshops aim to create an open, inclusive, supportive culture that’s age & gender inclusive.

Workshops can be tailored to suit you and can be via webinars, two hour, one hour sessions at a time of day to suit you – breakfast meetings and lunch hours are popular.

Get in touch to arrange a no-obligation meeting or phone call to discuss your specific needs and for you to decide if I’m the right ‘fit’ for your workplace.

You already know that a healthy, valued, engaged team are going to achieve more in the working day. What you might not know, is that it’s really clear from data collected so far that when employers start addressing education for everyone around the menopause, they find they’re pushing on an open door, because menopause is not just a women’s issue… if a woman’s having a bad time with menopausal symptoms, that will spill over onto those around her – her family, her children, her work colleagues and managers of all ages/genders.

Since 1992 there’s been a 20% increase in the number of  working women aged 50-64. Midlife women are returning or staying in work in great numbers. 

In survey data collected in 2016, 50% of women responded saying that work made their menopausal symptoms much worse. 25% had seriously considered leaving. There are economic costs to replace someone in your workforce and there are legal issues too.

With a relaxed and friendly style my workshops are as individual as your employees. That’s because every workshop is tailored to the needs of the group taking part, with plenty of time to explore all of their questions and any issues in a safe a supportive space.

Presentations are often between 90 minutes and 2 hours with the flexibility of adding longer or more sessions. A typical focus would be on:

AWARENESS– raising awareness for all employees by clearly presenting menopause at work as an inclusive discussion… normalising it so that the necessary conversations aren’t difficult so that it becomes as unremarkable a topic of conversation as a risk assessment during pregnancy or arrangements for a woman returning to work after maternity leave.

INFORMATION– providing the independent, evidence-based information and education your workforce and managers need to understand the topic in relationship to the workplace and enable them to make informed decisions.

SUPPORT– signposting and support during the workshop andgoing forward. Figuring out solutions for the workplace… reasonable tweaks to the environment, facilitating conversations, discussing roles and how they might be developed going forward to keep the conversation going. I really believe that there’s very little point in me just swooping in for a few hours and then disappearing!…I’ll support with setting up informal support groups, internal menopause cafes etc. so that your workforce continue to benefit from their time with me way into the future.

Do get in touch to find our how I can support you.