As a licensed and experienced birth educator and a menopause expert I regularly comment on pregnancy, birth and midlife issues.

I am a podcast producer and researcher and I co-host and produce my own podcast, Your Next Episode. 

If you’re looking for someone who can support or manage your podcast idea from concept right through to publication get in touch. 

I am a writer and commentator and have contributed to online publications and BBC Radio. Want an informed opinion? I’m very good at those.


Menopause & Asian communities with Dr Nighat Arif

Menopause, as we know, affects around 50% of the world’s female population and also impacts any man with a woman in his life. That may be a partner, mother, friends, work colleagues. Despite the 2018 census showing that 13.8% of  the UK population is from ethnic minority backgrounds, there’s very little research dedicated to the experience …

Cancer Thriving & Limitless Living with Emma Campbell @limitless_em

I know first hand that some people put on an act for social media. They might be, on the face of it, all about supporting others but then scratch the surface a bit, or, heaven forbid, meet them in real life and you might find yourself bitterly disappointed. Not so with Emma Campbell (aka @limitless_em). …


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