Hypnobirthing Essentials

First up, let’s be clear – my workshops are NOT about ‘natural’ childbirth…I don’t care where you’re planning on having your baby or if you’re the ‘gimme all the drugs’ kind or the Kumbaya-chanting one. I know for a fact that any birth can be positive whether it’s in hospital, at home, a caesarean birth, a straightforward one or all the versions around those scenarios. I also know for a fact that most women and their partners need information and support for that to happen.

Here’s a list of things you need to know if you’re flirting with the idea of learning hypnobirthing skills & techniques to help you achieve a calm pregnancy & birth (however that happens) & feel in control throughout. All the preparation is done in advance, and it works. Here’s why & how…

My Hypnobirthing Workshop teaches you everything you need to know about the physiology & the psychology of birth. 

You’ll learn what your body’s doing in labour & how your hormonal responses affect the working of your birthing muscles in positive or negative ways.

You’ll learn how to control those two elements, totally understanding what will help labour progress and what will hinder it.

You’ll learn how to stay calm & in control. You’ll be given specific tools to practise so that you can achieve that – it’ll become second nature to you.

I value birth partners enormously – the likelihood is they are the person that you love the most, who loves you more than anyone else does, who knows you better than anyone else does, who loves your baby in a way that only the two of you can. No one else can compete with all that LOVE! This person is the BEST support for you during birth … they also need knowledge & tools because they WILL have a very real, unmistakable effect on how you feel emotionally & consequently how your body responds physically during labour & birth. They need nurturing & support too. They’ll leave my workshops feeling confident, clam, knowledgeable, involved & excited about the birth.

With the knowledge & understanding you’ll gain from my Hypnobirthing Workshop you’ll both feel calm & confident in asking questions of caregivers & communicating confidently to enable you to be involved in decision making in an informed way.

My gentle relaxations feel lovely & YOU’RE in control. Always. You choose to enter into hypnosis and you choose how much to engage with it … 

You need to choose a Hypnobirthing Practitioner that feels right for you. It might be me, it might be someone else.

You can get a feel for the sort of person I am from my Instagram feed & stories or by listening to my podcast. If you decide to book, I promise you’ll end my workshop feeling excited about the day you’ll meet your baby. You & your partner, if you have one, will be connected, confident & informed … able to navigate whatever path your birth takes together.

My Essentials Group Workshops cost £100 per couple and if you’d prefer a private workshop that’s £150 and with both options you get: The 4 hour workshop with me, my unlimited support via phone or email not just until you’re holding your baby, but afterwards too, my downloadable workshop resources and my 10 hypnobirthing tracks are here for anyone to enjoy.